The concept for the Goggle Stop emerged from years serving as a member of the National Ski Patrol... A great organisation! During my time on the hill, I would notice with some regularity, individuals both young and old, searching for goggles they thought had been so carefully balanced on the brim of their helmet. Nope. The birth of an idea!


After much work, on many fronts, the Goggle Stop was born. Introduced for the 2009/2010 season, the "GS' was well received, then bad things began to happen. The two sided adhesive which was/is the standard was failing. What did I miss? I had no choice but to pull the GS until a solution could be found. Was my dream dead? Not yet. I'm a stubborn bastard ( sorry kids ) so I've been told!

Believing that a solution would one day present itself, it finally did in the Summer of 2020. A new tape! Better late then never...it almost was! I am now relaunching with a product that will meet our expectations! Very surreal!


For those of you that gave the GS that first chance, I hope you'll give us another. For you first timers...Welcome! The Goggle Stop isn't everything... its just one less thing to worry about on

the slopes.


Shred ( sorry Ted )


Principal / Falline Sports LLC